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Ultralign G2 Adjustment

NEW TREATMENT - Ultralign Sigma Adjusting Instrument

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Atlas Chiropractic & Body Balance now is offering the Ultralign G2 Nanaimo chiropractic adjustment and system.  This Nanaimo chiropractic instrument and system delivers what some clients now refer to as 'The Alignment'.  This chiropractic instrument based spinal treatment technology has been established by Sigma Instruments.  Sigma instruments are also the inventors and manufactures of the following: Proadjustor, S.M.A.R.T Adjustor, Sigma Ultralign, Spine Align, Spine - Align Therapy System, and Spineliner.   It may be safe for  all ages including children and adults.

Ultralign Sigma Adjusting Instrument Benefits

  • Safe for children greater than 4 years of age
  • ​Safe for seniors
  • ​Drug free and surgery free treatment for neck and low back pain
  • ​Pain free for the majority of clients
  • Computer controlled detection and correction with as little as 6lbs of force
  • Computer and sensor controlled treatment
  • Subluxations found and corrected with precision

The Nanaimo Ultralignment Sigma Instrument Adjustment offers precise detection and adjustment of misalignments commonly known as subluxations* of the spine. The device firsts tests for subluxation by sending a vibration through each vertebra, the vibration then echoes off the bone. The echo is then read by the ultralign adjustmenting instrument and translated into readable graphs and bar charts on a computer, letting the Nanaimo Chiropractor determine which vertebrae is subluxated or out of place. The same device is then used to perform a specific adjustments.

This method of chiropractic technology has been determined to be safe and may be pain free for most individuals. Most individuals simply feel a series of vibrations as the vertebrae are vibrated back into their proper alignment.

How the Ultralign Adjusting Instrument Works

Subluxation in the spine can cause back pain, headaches, loss of range of motion, and pain and tingling in the extremities. Chiropractic adjustments can correct these imbalances in the nervous system and help the spine remain in its proper alignment.

Other methods and systems typically rely on the chiropractor’s skills to determining which vertebrae are misaligned and then applying various forces to push those vertebrae back into alignment. The Ultralign Adjusting Instruments can detect and correct the spinal subluxations with as little as 10lbs of force and with accuracy.  

The unique ultralign software helps by providing objective information on the location of nerve interference for the benefit of the chiropractor and client. Once the misaligned vertebrae are located, the device can be set to deliver a slightly more forceful vibrating pulse to realign the vertebrae. The examination and treatment takes place in a seated posture.   This allows clients that have mobility issues to get checked and corrected for subluxations.   In our experience many clients have difficulty lying or moving around on the chiropractic tables when in pain or because of prior injuries.

The Ultralign system provides a assessment of each vertebrae.  The Ultralign chiropractor has been specially trained to read these movement charts.  Green and red bars denote lack of movement and the horizontal red line denotes frequency.  The software program then plots this information into waveforms.  Using the ultralign software the chiropractic can also test and post check the results of the adjustment.  The goal of repeated treatments as it relates to the Ultralign/Sigma instrument is to see each vertebrae moving together in the same pattern (same waveform).

The entire session does not involve any twisting, pushing or pulling of the extremities or spine. Many patients find it helpful in alleviating back pain and headaches and promoting movement of the spine.

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