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Meet The Chiropractor

Dr. Barry Whyte - Nanaimo Chiropractor

Dr. Barry Whyte is a Nanaimo chiropractor who follows a top down approach to healing. After an intensive evaluation, your first adjustment will return your head and neck to its normal position, reducing nerve interference and balancing contracted postural muscles. These first adjustments provide a solid foundation for regaining health. Dr. Barry will work with you to the degree and level you feel comfortable because some patients may require additional therapeutic laser treatment or shockwave therapy.

Chiropractic clients looking for the results, however have anxiety about being treated now have the option of the Ultralign G2 by Sigma Insturments.  This adjustment treats the entire spine with no pops, clicks or noisy drop table adjustments.  Please discuss your preference on your initial consultation or examination.

Extensive research and clinical studies show that improved competent chiropractic therapy (spinal manipulation) reduces stress throughout the body through optimization of the nervous system and helps to relieve pain, discomfort and INCREASE HEALTH.

Dr. Barry Whyte's Nanaimo chiropractic practice focuses on correction of the neck since it affects the balance of the entire body (99% of nerve impulses pass through C0/C1/C2 (Atlas Subluxation Complex) Complex). He also simultaneously provides chiropractic treatment for every area of the body for patients with a wide variety of Nanaimo chiropractic needs.

All acute sports injuries such as an ankle sprain/strain will require Nanaimo physiotherapy and extremity adjustments.  Birgit Whyte (REHAD) Physiotherapist provides laser therapy, shockwave therapy and hands on treatment.


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